We’ve been working for years to develop the ideal compliance and effectiveness audit methodologies and solution for the security arena. Bit-Score is that solution.

Bit-Score was designed by security experts for security experts. Veteran leaders in security polices and methodologies implemented numerous worldwide oversight and audit operations for aviation security, mass land transport security, critical power gas and oil infrastructure security, cyber security, and more.

As organizations, including our own, became increasingly digital, our well established audit and effectiveness evaluation methodologies were implemented into a computer program. Our solution for the auditing teams reduces paperwork, speeds up the auditing process, and generates workable reports. Bit-Score is the result of real-world requirements. We have further developed and refined the system to work for any business where audits and compliance are essential.

I-Sky Technologies maintains a unique multidisciplinary team, combining the skills of compliance experts and auditors, with a group of cutting edge programmers. Working together we ensure that the technology is not only cutting edge, but it also works to support our client’s strive for excellence by providing solutions that work for them and make a difference.